Honda RoadSync Logo—
RaceTrack Roots



3 Weeks

FALL 2020
Honda Global




Designed with the Past,
Present and Future

Designing the logomark for RoadSync, the first companion app for Honda Motorcycles. RoadSync helps motorcyclists stay connected while driving safely.


the Needs

After spending almost a year and a half on RoadSync, I was tasked with designing a logomark to complement the iconic spirit of Honda motorcycles.

I wanted the logomark to gracefully nod to its past, yet also show the present future of connected driving. Our brief identified a key number of things to address—

A flat, scalable mark that works well across many devices. It must also have potential to be cut or engraved into material used on analog meters.

Something that evokes a sense of connectivity 

A refined identity that combines the strong, iconic spirit of Honda’s racing roots with today’s connected drivers

Creating a recognizable logo that stands out in a saturated backdrop of auto-related products & brands

A flexible mark that can represent not just Honda motorcycles, but also innovation in their other automobiles

I started sketching by hand; While ideas became more tangible, I graduated from analog exploration to taking some interesting cues and forms to the computer. I separated these into different camps; Then hemmed and hawed over abstract shapes, emblems, letterforms, monograms and symbols. Here’s a look at some of the earlier ideas—


Past, present and future of driving.

From top row to bottom.
The first row’s influence was heavily drawn from Honda Motorcycle wing logo. The second row was inspired by combining forms of recognizable things like the gears on a shift knob or the curves on a windy mountain road. The last row was simply an exploration on letterforms.

After the first couple of rounds and a few conversations with our Honda counterparts, we converged on a few elements that could make up a single, powerful mark: 

Racetracks (or the thrill of being on the road) 

and the idea of impossible made possible

A symbol that represents linking and togetherness,


the LogoMark

You can see how I was originally inspired by MC Escher shapes and the simplicity of the traditional oblong racetrack. This was actually chosen as final mark, but due to complications in the EU, we went back to the drawing board.

I took a step back in the process and took cues from earlier explorations. I focused on creating something that had a clearer message—RoadSync was made for connectivity and that needed to come across stronger.

The final version felt right—it was bolder, confident and more assertive. The racetrack was still a prominent part of the mark but was more alive with the suggestion of movement and the age of connectivity.

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